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Gebr. Krippeit GmbH in Elsdorf-Westermühlen

1959 foundation of the lumber mill for the regional area by Walter Krippeit. Even in those days, mainly oak and beech trees were sawed. In addition to posts and dunnage for the Hamburg port, one manufactured fishing net pulleys and shear planks for North Sea fishing.

1981 handover to the sons Alfred, Hans and Kurt and renaming the company Gebr. Krippeit GmbH.

1985 the first log band saw plant was installed and the production rose noticeably. More and more steam-treated beech lumber was marketed due to the use of the first steam and drying chambers.

1996 the third generation, namely Hans and Gerd Krippeit, took over the business. Two years later a tension tool was installed before the log band saw. Convinced of this combination, a second line was put up in 1999 As a result, the production output increases to 25.000 fm per year.

In the course of the years, more and more oak logs are processed into country house floor boards. A change took place: from a beech sawyer to an oak country house floor board sawyer. Due to the big differences in quality (quality sorting grade and guidelines) for the oak country house floor boards, a sorting line was installed in 2004. Due to this production line the sorting of the country house floor boards was made a lot easier and faster.

2006 a band resaw was installed. Since then, slats are cut in different dimensions and delivered fresh or dried, due to customer specifications.

The Gebr. Krippeit GmbH has a lot of experience and know-how in many areas and in the cutting of different typ of standing timber. Due to our vast possibilities and diversity, we are able to match the individual customer requirements very fast.
In addition to the delivery of standing timber, lumber and block ware, you can also buy country house floor boards and slats from us – either from the warehouse or freshly cut. The drying of e.g. 30 mm country house floor boards is possible in about four weeks. In our lumber mill we work with European hardwood such as oak, beech, ash or maple.

Our company is PEFC certified by TÜV Nord.

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