Lumber mill, steam and drying technique

Today, Gebr. Krippeit GmbH is one of the most modern hardwood lumber mills in Northern Germany, due to continuous investments in innovative lumber mill technique. Speed and flexibility determine more and more the globalised daily routine. A challenge that we face very day with a highly motivated staff and a lot of competence.

Special vehicles for transporting round timber supply our lumber mill with about 20.000fm every year. With 2 company owned lorry mounted telescopic cranes the daily supply of the mill is guaranteed.

On arrival at the lumber mill all round timber is cut to individual customer specification. Every round timber log is sorted by quality and size and then cut into customer required lengths and sorted before the final carving.

Two combined tension/log band saw lines take over the whole cutting process. Special made lorries of the "Falco 1100" type haul logs from 2-12 m lengths and diameters from 20 - 120 cm with no difficutlies. Then follows the longitudinal cut into boules, side planks, country house floor boards, sleepers or into a long scantling to use in building a stud work house.

For trimming already cut planks, such as those used to manufacture country house floor boards, we use two computer-controlled trimming saws. This way, the planks/floor boards are cut sharp-edged on all four sides. All trimmed timbers can be edged before or after the drying. At the double trimmer the boards are only sorted into different widths and lengths.

The actual quality sorting takes place on our sorting line. This line was especially installed in 2004 for the sorting of country house floor boards. This unit makes it much easier to sort the boards into different qualities. The boards are sorted into different qualities and lengths. The unit has got 8 output boxes, thus every quality has its own station. Every board is controlled and runs over a computer-controlled roller conveyor to the right output station. There, the boards are stacked according to lengths, strapped with non-metallic strapping and are ready for transportation.

As a new acquirement a new band resaw was installed in summer 2006. Here, thin planks are cut into slats, the so-called "deckings", for the flooring industry. They come in 5 mm, 8 mm or even 11 mm thickness. Those “deckings” are then being bonded together with the supporting material made from spruce wood in a so-called “wedding“to form floor boards (parquet). This new product then guarantees a quite and consistent durability connected to living comfort.

Directly after cutting, the oak and beech lumber is steam treated. Different steaming degrees can be achieved in two steam chambers.

There are five computer-controlled drying chambers at our disposal. Thus, about 600 m³ of lumber can be continuously dried. After the drying and measuring all pakets are wrapped in foil and, for the time being, stored in one of our two warehouses which are air conditioned. In our vast warehouse we continuously have lumber and country house floor boards of different qualities, thickness and lengths. This way we are able to fulfill demand on short notice.

Two wood off-cut combustors supply our steam and drying chambers with energy, as well as heating our air conditioned warehouses.

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