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Due to our versatility we are able to offer a vast range of products. We now produce floor boards in different measurements for our international clientele. The best part of every type of wood is sawed into logs which are then used in the furniture industry or, in longer lengths, in shipbuilding. Construction wood for landing stages, stud work houses or lock gates is cut out of the upper part of a straight oak tree. Shorter parts, for example steam-treated KD 4-sff beech tree scantlings are used to manufacture chairs or tables and complete our offer.

Country house floor boards

Our country house floor board production has vastly improved over the past few years and has established itself among our wide ranging clientele. A lot of qualities and specifications mark our know-how. We sort our flawless floor boards into "select" or "classic", more rustic ones into "life" or "variation" quality. Thus our customers appreciate our diversity and flexibility.
More information about our country house floor board offer and qualities.


Thin covering slats are being bonded together with the supporting material made from spruce wood in a so-called “wedding“to form floor boards. This new product then guarantees a quite and consistent durability connected to living comfort. Thanks to a special brand resaw, we are able to manufacture these covering slats from 5 mm, 8 mm or even 11 mm thickness. 
More information about our slat offer and qualities.

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